Saturday, November 17, 2007

Twelfth Night

Last night five Mont Alto Honors students braved the cold to attend a performance of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night at Wilson College. A traveling troupe from the National Players performed at Laird Hall.

National Players features young actors in the classics. On their web page they are introduced as:

National Players, America’s longest running classical touring company, has now reached its 58th consecutive season of touring. Currently the touring program of Olney Theatre Center for the Arts, National Players has earned a distinctive place in American theater. Committed to the formation of young theatrical talent and audiences, National Players seeks to celebrate the experience of theatergoing by presenting the world’s greatest dramatic literature.

More projection by some of the lead characters, Viola especially, would have improved the performance. It was evident that the actors are still learning their craft. They give promise of a great future and the audience rewarded them with a loud standing ovation at the end.

It helped that we had read the play beforehand. With all the disguises and switching around it is easy to lose track of who is who. Thanks to Dr. Russo for leading the two discussion sessions. Seeing Twelfth Night was well worth delaying the start of the Thanksgiving break.

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