Friday, April 18, 2008

Academic Festival 2008

Honors students were well represented at the Academic Festival last Wednesday (4/16) with a wide range of interesting projects and presentations:

  • Tony Arnold Great Works, Great Men: Douglass, King and Christian Clarity. (Humanities/Social Sciences 2nd place)
  • Robert Stottlemyer Is Human Justice Truly Just?
  • Julie Barrett Life in You.
  • Riley Wingert Heat Transfer of a Stirling Engine
  • Cayla Amsley and Danielle Sander Political, Religious, and Spritual Views & Opinions About Sexual Activity.
  • Christina Zucconi The Effects of Divorce on Familial Relations

Tony Arnold

Robert Stottlemeyer

Julie Barrett

Riley Wingert

Congratulations to all who participated! It's nice to see great minds at work.
For more information on Mont Alto's Academic Festival click here.

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joe said...

They all did a terrific job! I am very proud of them all!!